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Labounty Shears Dealer, Used Demolition Attachments

A leader in repairs, service and sales of mobile shears and demolition attachments, Pine Ridge Lisco Edwards Labounty Shears Dealers have set high standards when it comes to servicing, renting and selling heavy duty equipment that specializes in demolition. PLE has more than 30 years of experience and since its beginnings, has built a solid reputation in the industry. The company is conveniently located in Innisfil, centrally located within a day access to all southern Ontario locations including Barrie, Newmarket, to Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Hamilton and eastward to Ottawa. As Stanley Labounty dealers and distributors in Manitoba & Saskatchewan, when it comes to heavy construction equipment rental companies for labounty attachments demolition equipment shears, Pine Ridge Lisco Edwards is one of the most trusted ones.

No Limits to Capacity:

PLE is one of the leaders when it comes to demolition attachments specializing in mobile shears. Pine Ridge Lisco Edwards mechanics, welders and machinists are all certified and trained by LaBounty. They also house one of the largest cylinder benches in all of Southern Ontario with no limit to capacity! PLE knows that companies want to increase productivity and maintain it, that is why they offer affordable solutions that businesses require.

The company started back in 1988 and has been distributing, as well as servicing shears, attachments, as well as Stanley Hydraulic Hammers by Stanley/Labounty. With that said, PineRidge Lisco Edwards offers you work solutions that deliver results, reliability and rock solid dependability.

Experienced Sales Staff and Highly Skilled Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Ontario’s Exclusive Dealer for Stanley and LaBounty Demolition Equipment

Stanley Work’s sister company is LaBounty Manufacturing, Inc., the global market leader for mounted, non-impact attachments.
Serving contractors, scrap metal recyclers and demolition experts, LaBounty is a global leader in the design and innovation of hydraulic attachments.
Stanley Hydraulic Tools is the world’s largest handheld hydraulic tool manufacturer and world-wide market leader offering over 150 handheld hydraulic tools and over 30 mounted impact tools. Labounty shear dealers, labounty attachments rental, demolition attachments, used demolition equipment for sale.

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They Never Neglect Safety

Pine Ridge Lisco Edwards only hires certified Heavy Equipment Mechanics and encourages continued training. Part of that training involves a program that takes place at the Stanley LaBounty Headquarters in Minnesota which certifies them in service, operation and maintenance of LaBounty Mobile Shears, which makes them experts in the field.

They also have partnered up with a company based in Ontario that specializes in Assisting Businesses in Development of Health and Safety Management Systems. This ensures all employees are up to date with current material and training that is vital in the workplace and practices offsite as well.

When you get a piece of equipment from them you can rest assure that it will work properly, as well as help you increase productivity while being safe. If you need to add more security to your fleet, then you will want to see what Pine Ridge has to offer you.

Always Considering the Environment

The company is always finding different ways to innovate, and everything they do, keep safety in mind. The company always keeps the environment in mind when we operate. They adhere to the standards of practice when it comes to the environment, so rest assure that you will be receiving high quality equipment.

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