Replacing a jaw on a mobile shear involves skill, precision and science

There are many factors involved before you decide to completely replace the jaw on a mobile shear but if it comes to that, PineRidge Lisco Edwards can take care of it in no time at all.

When we make the decision to replace the jaw, science comes into play using the process called “Shrink Fitting”. This is when we immerse the inner component, the shaft(in this case made of alloy steel), in a bath of Liquid Nitrogen at a temperature of -196C ! On an atoms/molecule level the particles of the metal are held in a rigid pattern and vibrate in the same position, on cooling the particles reduce in size therefore causing the metal to shrink.

Once the shaft has reached its maximum shrinkage (appox. 2.5 thous per inch), it’s lifted from bath using our overhead crane, then lowered into place, locking the 2 jaws together. After assembly the inner component warms up, expanding to form a tight distortion free interference fit.

SEE IT HERE >>  Shrink fitting a shaft using Liquid Nitrogen – by PineRidge Lisco Edwards LTD

If you are having any problems with your mobile shear, in need some routine maintenance or would like to PURCHASE a new mobile shear we are exclusive dealer to Stanley/LaBounty. Give PineRidge Lisco Edwards a call! We have service trucks that are fully equipped for any heavy equipment needs 1-866-488-0878