The Partnership between Stanley LaBounty & PineRidge Lisco Edwards LTD

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Demolishing any structure whether in populated areas or not, requires strength and power. The better your machinery and/or attachments perform, the more time efficient the process will be, not to mention saving you money and aggravation. PineRidge Lisco Edwards is here to help with that. Not only do we service all Stanley LaBounty products we are the Exclusive dealer for all of Ontario.

There are various companies that offer you demolition equipment but Stanley LaBounty’s commitment to providing the demolition, scrap and recycling industry with the most innovative and highest quality products is by far superior.

LaBounty’s innovation is nothing short of legendary in the attachment industry. Virtually creating the attachment market in the 1970′s with the introduction of the contractors grapple, LaBounty continues to lead the way with customer driven product development and innovation. Serving contractors, scrap metal recyclers, and demolition experts, LaBounty remains a world leader in the design and innovation of hydraulic attachments.

LaBounty Mobile Shears are engineered to maximize performance, longevity and safety with significantly reduced maintenance time. LaBounty has mobile shears for scrap metal processing, demolition and road/bridge reconstruction, building demolition and wood demolition and recycling.
• Patented Reversible Saber Tip means less maintenance and more operating time
• Patented LaBounty built reversed, large bore, forged cylinder rods and seal design leads to longer seal life and higher operation PSI
• Dual Guide Slide Puck system keeps the jaw aligned and reduces jamming
• Rotating models offer 360 degree rotating for ease of use
• Speed valves provide faster cycle times

LaBounty Mobile Demolition Processor (MDP) is a high powered single cylinder attachment used to crush and process concrete quickly and easily. The MDPs are offered in a complete range compatible with 18 – 70 ton carriers, used for primary and secondary concrete demolition and recycling. Each MDP product incorporates a patented quick change jaw pivot, 360 degree powered rotation, reversed cylinder, swift lock teeth, and multiple machine mount capability. With an unmatched power-to-weight ratio, smaller attachments and excavators can be used providing a significant savings opportunity. The MDP design is based on the time-tested and proven LaBounty shear and exemplifies the benchmark quality and performance that is expected from the world renown LaBounty attachments
• Industry leading power-to-weight allows ease of processing with smaller excavators
• Interchangeable concrete cracking (CC) jaw and pulverizer (CP) jaw for versatility
• 360 degree powered rotation for maneuverability and ease of use
• Patented “Quick Change Pivot” for quicker jaw change
• Swift lock teeth provides quick and easy maintenance
• Apexed jaw blades for material gathering and maximum cutting capabilities
• Bolt on mounting bracket included and quick coupler compatible allows easy and quick installation
• Best reach and working range for less excavator movement and more processing time

LaBounty Concrete Pulverizers (CP) are designed for quiet, controlled demolition and recycling of concrete structures. All Concrete Pulverizer models feature patented pin-on SWIFT LOC™ teeth that allow field change-out in minutes. LaBounty Concrete Pulverizers are actuated by the excavator’s bucket cylinder—no additional hydraulic circuits are required.

PineRidge Lisco Edwards offers warranty and service by our LaBounty certified technicians. We also have an enormous variety in both new as well as used products so you can easily opt for one that best suits your needs and your budget.

Choose us, a highly experienced, knowledgeable and trained distributor and make the most of your demolishing and scrapping tasks!