When to know its time to Bore

Line Boring is the process of bringing a hole back to spec, meaning original sizes & tolerances

When is it time to BORE?

Excess play on your loader joints? Or in any linkage on your equipment? Switching out attachments? All reasons you may need line boring on your machine.
Here at PineRidge Lisco Edwards we have a specialist that uses only top of the line equipment and techniques to get you up and running with as little down time as possible. He also works on-site if your machine requires it.

Even with the best of care, machinery pin and bearing bores can wear out, especially in high load hinge points like those found on heavy equipment. They can easily and economically be repaired On-Site with a Bore Welding & Line Boring service.

A few of our highlighted line boring services are :

    •    Mobile Line Boring
    •    In-house or On-Site Welding Repair
    •    Removal & Installation of Bushings
We have Line Boring Capabilities from 1-1/2″ Diameter up to 20″+ Diameter, going from Side x Side holes up to 8 Feet apart on the same plane.

Our Bore Welding abilities are from 1-1/2″ Diameter up to 20″+ Diameter with an unlimited travel. Larger diameters can be attained with advanced notice.

We can Line Bore any piece of equipment in almost any location.